This is a bit of a low effort post, but it’s blisteringly hot and I am sitting between two fans and I am not moving!

Unfortunately, lenses and some frames are starting to cost a few pounds more than before, so you may notice prices are a little more than a couple of years ago.

I have mentioned this before but I need to say it again, every week a couple of people will cancel their eye test at short notice. Could you please make sure you’re booking appointment that you’ll be able to keep. I know things get in the way, but if you want us to still be here in a couple of years for your next test we need to tighten up things.

Lastly, I have a new toy in the practice that will help if you want to keep using your old frames. In a lot of cases I will be able to switch old for new lenses without sending the frame away, so you won’t be without your specs for more than a few minutes!

Finally, here’s a teaser of some new frames that have trickled in.