If you find a frame you love but you’re worried that they might be a bit bonkers, then why not grab a more day to day pair half price! Offer available from now until the end of December. Obviously, terms and conditions apply.

And those terms and conditions are:

They have to be for you! I can’t do a pair for you and then one for Fred! So, they must be to your prescription.

I can only offer the cheapest frame and pair of lenses 1/2 price. But that’s not such a problem with the lenses if you have them to the same spec… Half price varifocals? Yes please!

The lenses have to be Seiko, I can’t do an offer on any other brands as it’s a promotion Seiko have been nice enough to offer us. I can’t offer ir on Seiko Prime-X Induct lenses either, as they are already heavily discounted!