And we’re back! That went fast, I ate too much and I really would have quite liked to keep going for a week or two but I fear my trousers and health wouldn’t have stood for it!

Anyway, we are back and as of now we are open again. Monday to friday, 9-5. tests on Wednesday and Thursday (booking for 11th and 12th of Jan atm).

Some changes. I am having to increase some prices. Eye exams and contact lens checks will be £45 from here on out. We haven’t increased the price for a fair while now and the truth is that unless someone buys glasses we just don’t cover the cost of having Heather here to do checks, so I need to pop a few extra quid on there.

Some lenses will be modestly increasing in price as well as we have been hit by another price increase ourselves. I will strive to keep things as low as I can possibly can, but as fewer people are buying specs from us and instead choosing to have a test here and buy elsewhere it is becoming increasingly difficult. I do ask that if you come to us for a test and you need to buy glasses that you please consider doing so here instead of just bolting for the door and the nearest cheap website!

Right, good things!

I have been a little secretive about this as I didn’t want the first couple of weeks of the year to be dead but we have an OCT being delivered very soon. This is a crazy machine that replaces the camera that takes a picture of the back of the eye. It can still do that, but it also takes a 3d scan of the inside of the retina, allowing Heather to spot things earlier and respond quicker. We would say it’s pretty essential for anyone over 30 to have it done. We will be pricing the scan at £35, but if you buy a complete pair of glasses we will knock that £35 off the price. Seems like the fairest way to do it to me.

Now, on to glasses! I am aware that there are places that are close to us that knock out complete glasses for a bit cheaper than we can do, so I am going to introduce a line that we can do for £150 including coated single vision lenses (additional fees if they need thinning etc). For now I will use the Charles Stone range to facilitate this, as they are pretty great frames. Very stylish, good quality and above all, the margin is alright! So, we will have a range that appeal to those of you that are feeling the current pinch but we can keep doing the high end things that we are known for.

That enough of a ramble, I think! Hopefully we will see you all very soon!