From this week you will start to hear a new phrase from us. ”We now have an OCT” and your first question will obviously be ”What is an OCT?” so maybe if I post something someone might read it and I won’t have to say quite so much that ”An OCT is a 3d scan of the back of the eye. It replaces the old photo we used to take and give s a much more in-depth look at what is going on behind the scenes and will allow us to spot any potential issues that bit earlier”!

It’s great, basically, as a diagnostic tool for Heather to stay ahead of the game and make sure we’re catching things and looking after your eyes as best we can.

Your second question will be ”What’s the catch?” Well, it’s expensive for us to buy it in but it’s something we need to have as it is becoming more commonplace. that means that we have to pass the charge on to you guys if you want it. it’s not obligatory, we won’t hard sell it to you, but we do think it’s a great idea for you to have it if you are over 30 years old. We will charge £35, and that will be a charge to everyone who wants it. Unfortunately it’s not covered by your boss and it’s not covered by the NHS! It is an optional extra, We will ask if you want it when you book your appointment but you don’t have to decide then, you can talk to Heather about it in the room and decide on the day if you want to. No problem!

This is roughly what the OCT scan brings up. As you can see, we still get the fundus photo that you are familiar with but we also get a lot more detail.

Hopefully you will all see the benefits that this can provide and we’ll get good uptake on it. It doesn’t add a great deal of time to the test but it adds so much to it!