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Find a frame for Jane (Part 1)

Jane with Erkers Kemper in purple On a quest to find a frame for Jane (Part 1). It's nearly that special time of year...when we get to find a frame that suits Jane. First up is this Erkers frame in purple. What do you guys think? Feel free to share your thoughts with...

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Sam’s frame of the week!

Lovely, lightweight orange Modo with titanium sides. We also have some free appointments this Thursday so feel free to get in touch regarding an appointment.

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So you bought some glasses online…

That is your choice and we hope you are happy with your purchase! But, if they're not quite right (and that seems to be the case quite a lot) you will likely bring them to someone like me to sort them out. I've been doing that free of charge for quite some time now...

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Lenses and the Jargon We Use

So, those of you that come to us know that once you have come out of the test room you'll be sat in front of me and we will talk about what you need and I'll explain what Lens A does and why it isn't as good as Lens B and I try to tell you why but some words come up...

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Why Choose Bramley Pope Opticians?

First and foremost, we are a people business. There is no better feeling for us than a new patient coming to us who has maybe had a bad experience with a pair of glasses from a multiple or from an online company and they've come to us to give them something that works...

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Upcoming Clinics

We have switched to Tuesday and Wednesday testing for a while as Heather is taking a little time off during September. As such, we have clinics on the following days: Tuesday August 17th and Wednesday August 18th Tuesday August 24th and Wednesday 25th Tuesday August...

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