If you’re needing a set of glasses to help with your computer at work or at home then we can help with that.

Seiko offer a number of different lenses that will help in offices or at a desk.

Indoor PC is well suited for sitting at a desk, giving mid-range and near vision.

Indoor 100 and 200 give a bit of distance vision as well as helping at shorter distances, but give a really wide area for your reading and computer.

Then there is Smart Zoom that give you your everyday distance vision, with a bit of a boost at the bottom to make reading a bit more comfortable.

We can put a coating on the lenses to reduce reflections or to block blue light or to make driving at night a bit easier.

Get in touch and we can help you get lenses that will make life a bit easier!

Bear in mind, when it comes to work specs, you might be able to get help from your company so ask them the question!