That is your choice and we hope you are happy with your purchase!

But, if they’re not quite right (and that seems to be the case quite a lot) you will likely bring them to someone like me to sort them out.

I’ve been doing that free of charge for quite some time now but there are more and more coming in and more and more people coming in for a test and then going off to buy online and it’s causing some problems.

So, I need to start levying a fee for it to either offset the losses or to pay for the time it takes to correct other people’s mistakes.

As such, these prices will apply from today:

Measure and provide Pupil Distance: £25.00

Adjust frame to fit (that is not supplied by us): £25.00

Consultation to determine why varifocal is rubbish: £25.00

Fit screw/Nose pad/replace lens that has dropped out: £5.00

Re-thread Supra cord (Half rim glasses) £10.00

If you pay these fees and then decide to buy a pair of specs from us, I will happily refund them.

I don’t want to have to charge for these things, but so many people are starting to bring these issues to us that we need to do something to pay for the time it takes and parts that are needed.

Just to reiterate, these charges only apply to specs that are not purchased from us. I will always maintain and repair specs that are purchased from us completely free of charge, unless I have to send them away.