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We mainly test every Wednesday & Thursday. There are the odd weeks where this will differ, due to holidays and what not, but we’ll try to keep you in the loop when that happens on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

So, you can call us on 0117 930 0035 or use our appointment form to book yourself in for a test.

Our Sight test takes round about 30-35 minutes and includes tonometry, fields tests and fundus photography, when required. This costs £45.00 and it is well worth talking to your HR Department or boss and seeing if you can claim that back.

A contact lens check will include any and all trial lenses that are needed and all after-care appointments are included in the £45.00. We don’t try to tie you down to ordering lenses every month and we don’t typically do direct debit schemes. You order and pay for however many lenses you need when you need them. We can get a lot of lenses the next day but it’s always best to order before you’ve put your last pair in! Just in case!

We also now offer an OCT scan for £35. An OCT scan goes more in depth than the standard photo of the back of the eye and will allow us to have a much greater look at your eye health and spot any potential issues earlier than ever before. It’s not something we’ll do as a standalone, it must be as part of a sight test, and we’ll talk to you about it when you book. You don’t have to have it, but we do think it’s pretty essential for anyone over 30.


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