We mainly supply lenses from Seiko and we are very happy to be partnered with them. They make excellent lenses and their lens designs are constantly evolving  as well as their coatings being really good quality.

But, being an independent optician we are able to source the most suitable lens designs and materials for you from a wide range of manufacturers such as Essilor or Zeiss.

We are constantly updating information regarding the latest advances in lens technology to ensure the best possible lens performance for your prescription so come in, call, email or message to talk to us; we are here to help and advise and get you the best possible lenses.

Special offer - 10% off

If you have an NHS badge then you qualify for 10% discount on all spectacles.

Our Brands

Seiko Single Vision, Lifestyle and Varifocal Lenses

Seiko are at the leading edge of spectacle lens design.

We dispense Seiko lenses for everything from Single Vision to Varifocal.

They have created excellent coatings to help with reflection or night driving and Seiko have some of the most advanced designs for varifocals or office lenses. 

Prices vary across the board, depending on prescription and lens type, so it’s probably best if you talk to us about your needs and we’ll be able to give you a quote.

NuPolar polarized lenses

NuPolar lenses; possibly the most comfortable sunglass lens you will ever wear, they cut out UVA and UVB and give total glare protection. Just fab for activities on or around snow or water and there is less squinting and crows feet… that has to be a bonus.


We are all being told that UV is harmful to the skin and we need to wear sunscreen to help protect against burning. What isn’t so obviously compelling is the need to protect your eyes. Transitions lenses will take away the need to hunt for your sun spectacles because the lenses change according to the amount of UV in the light around us. Easy isn’t it.

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