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A few things worth knowing

This is a bit of a low effort post, but it's blisteringly hot and I am sitting between two fans and I am not moving! Unfortunately, lenses and some frames are starting to cost a few pounds more than before, so you may notice prices are a little more than a couple of...

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Booking Appointments.

Hi all! Just a quick grumble! We don't have Heather here every day, we pay her on an Ad Hoc basis to come in and test and we do that as volume demands. So, if you have booked an appointment and then cancel it a day ahead of schedule, or worse: on the day, we are...

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Time to get the face out again

As of last week, we have been told by our governing bodies that we no longer have to wear masks in the practice. It's been a while since we were allowed to air our grimaces at you lot, so please bear with us if we seem a little awkward for a while, if our smiles are...

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25th Anniversary!!

Sam is clearly happy with the placement of the decorations for The Massive 25th Anniversary Special! Thursday May 12th, 25 Years Old. One hell of an achievement! Come and help us celebrate. We'll have some fizz and some food and, from RIGHT NOW up until the 12th, if...

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Four seasons in one day? Try clip on sunglasses!

With there being equal risk of sunstroke and frost bite in a single day, clip on sunglasses can be a handy solution. Luckily for us all, some frame manufacturers (like Eco) have started using magnets, so clip on sunglasses can look good now.

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15% off a complete pair of glasses if you cycle to us!

We know I'm a bike nut and we know it's really difficult to get to us by car now, thanks to all the recent road closures. I need you to buy glasses, you need an easier way to get here and we all need to use cars less and save a few quid, so, if you bring your bike...

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We can help you see better, but it's up to you to look at pretty things. Luckily, Jane Vellender has some of her cards and tea towels here for you to buy if you want something colourful to take away with you. This is one of her cards. Pansies...

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Glasses for kids!

In case you've ever wondered, we do kids glasses too! If you've been looking for an independent opticians that can cater to the needs of you and your entire family then we've got you covered. We still have appointments this Thursday. Call now to book on 0117 930 0035

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