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I don't close often for holidays, but we will be closed next week (May 6th -10th) for staff breaks. Heather and I are both going away on very seperate holidays! We will be back open on the 13th and have tests on the 15th and 16th of May. Heather is still away that...

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Re: The Frames Page

The frames page isn't very up to date, I have been a bit slack for a while and it needs updating. I am in the process of doing it as we speak! So, it gives a good idea of what we stock, but we will have some frames that aren't on there, but equally there will be...

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Xmas Opening (Or Closing, depending on your perspective)

I have made the decision that I will be closing on Fridays again through December as they have been very quiet for a while now. This will lead to us closing for Xmas and New Year at the end of Thursday December 21st and we will reopen on Tuesday January 2nd. It feels...

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We are not closing!

The Bristol Live article sort of makes it look as though we are, and I won't lie, things are tight and we are exisiting on a month to month basis pretty much. But the long term goal is to stay open and to remain kicking about to help you keep your eyes healthy and...

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Summer Sale!

There are some terms & conditions, as ever with these things! Both pairs must be to your prescription, not one for you and one for your Uncle John. Both frames must be ones we already have in stock, I can't do special orders for this. The cheaper pair of the two...

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New Opening Times

Now that Sam has left us, I am on my own for a bit. As such I am changing the opening times a touch. In order to make it easier for those of you who are still working nearby to get in and see us, I'll stay open until 530pm Monday - Thursday but in order to keep my...

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New for 2023!

From this week you will start to hear a new phrase from us. ''We now have an OCT'' and your first question will obviously be ''What is an OCT?'' so maybe if I post something someone might read it and I won't have to say quite so much that ''An OCT is a 3d scan of the...

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Happy New Year!

And we're back! That went fast, I ate too much and I really would have quite liked to keep going for a week or two but I fear my trousers and health wouldn't have stood for it! Anyway, we are back and as of now we are open again. Monday to friday, 9-5. tests on...

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