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We make our choice of frame manufacturer to reflect our practice and ourselves. The selection is a little different and is a sign of our individuality and independence. Designer frames are not essential, but good materials, comfort and fit are.

This list will be pretty much everything we have in stock (once we’ve finished!) but the frames we stock change a lot. We wanted everyone to have a place they could come to and get an idea of our frames from the comfort of home or a coffee shop but it’s always best to come in and try some on with help from Mark.

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Our Brands

Born on the coast of California in 2006, SALT combines the best of custom materials and Japanese Craftsmanship to create the finest in premium eyewear.

SALT mix effortless, contemporary design with some incredible colours. Of all the frames we stock, these are probably Mark’s favourites.

With a strong emphasis on acetate, the collection reinterprets in its own way the major trends of this season. Very 50s and ultra feminine cat-eye shapes, 80s oversized graphic designs , or softer shapes for men or women… they are sometimes enriched with decorative or functional metal parts.

ProDesign is devoted to understanding the face. This means their focus is more on the synergy that arises between face and frame than on the frame design itself.

Modo is a New York brand that features colorful, fashion-forward frames with a focus on innovative design.
Professional and modern, classic and edgy, MODO make some fantastic frames utilising acertates and titanium to come up with something that will make people take notice.

Etnia… Spanish flair! If you want a bold and colourful look then Etnia should be at the forefront of your thinking! Metals and acetates, colour for days, these are for those of you that want a bit more of a statement!


Discreet and elegant eyewear designed to fit your personality.
Quietly elegant and innovative by design.

Easy to wear modern styles and classic colours. Stainless steel, Grilamid or Acetate frames with stainless steel sides.

Struggling to find something that fits because you’re a bit smaller than average? These Danish frames have some really current shapes and, most importantly, don’t look like kids frames!

Eco is about expressing yourself and feeling good in your own skin. We’re part of a generation that welcomes positive change, staying open and curious. Together we can make a big change, it’s really that simple. We work with Trees for the Future, an NGO that educates smallholder farmers to use agro-forestry and permaculture. Their method is called the Forest Garden Approach. So far, they have planted more than 19,095 forest gardens.

Italian crafted frames created from recycled materials such as rescued fishing nets. British designed; Coral ensure that sustainability doesn't compromise on style. Inspire your next adventure with Coral Eyewear. Coral only use environmentally friendly, recycled materials for our frames such as ECONYL, the material made from rescued waste found at sea and in landfills.

Booth & Bruce eyewear was born in the 1990’s out of a desire to see an English brand deliver funky, fashionable frames to the more forward-thinking eyewear connoisseur.

Since those initial collections, Booth & Bruce eyewear has grown into the globally recognised brand we know and love today, while keeping its roots firmly grounded in the ethos, and ideals that were there from the start.

The total Preciosa collection consists of approximately 30 models in 40 colors, most of these completely made of synthetic materials and additionally a number of metal and combined models. Preciosa spectacles can be recognized by the fit, the details, the classical latch hinges, the use of cellulose-acetate plates and the finish. The Dutch fit and the relatively long standard temples are characteristic.
Staying true to 120 years of experience in eyewear, Anglo American carry a full line of classic frames that embody the spirit of an earlier era.

Classic shapes in metals and acetates.

With New York being one of the biggest fashion capital’s in the world, the city offers a huge range of styles, colours and trends that is available at the tip of our fingers. This fast-paced culture drives the influence behind this collection making way for classic styles with a modern twist. Solid, affordable acetate.

Fleye make frames from a unique material mix of carbon fibre and wood. It’s a fine balance of opposites. Super strong, ultra-light, carbon fibre vs. the organic textures of natural wood.
We also have a selection from their latest collection, in a mix of titanium and acetate. Super stylish, if you want something that stands out.
We are the only place in Bristol that you will find these, so if you want something that no-one else will have, these are the frames you’re looking for!

Our Black Label collection combines abstract designs with intricate details, created for people who welcome double-takes. A premium collection for the fearless wearer. With our London collection designed in the capital, it’s no challenge to be bursting at the seams with fashion movements from around the City of London. An abundance of radiant colourways in distinctive styles added with an influential twist on British culture, making this collection so unique. Born to be British and forever loyal to our customers, William Morris London takes pride in our worldwide distinctive fashion brand. Taking pleasure in designing our frames in the heart of London with the optician’s desires at the forefront of our mind.

WOOW is the perfect mix of London BEAT and Paris FASHION; enjoy the EXCITING shapes, HUMOROUS details and a UNIQUE style.

Ninety years experience, unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values- all backed by a name you can depend on: Lafont Glasses made in France that have made Parisian Chic accessible.

Melon is an independent brand made up of hard working, shred loving, outside of the box kind of people. We truly love the products we make and the brand we build. We can’t get enough of the sports we craft our products to perform in, and we cheers a beer to anyone who makes the choice to rock our eyewear for their adventures.

This collection is the creation of two ladies that know colour! Good Karma have designed the range in flattering colours that suit all skin tones. They wanted to create a new brand to give ladies of all sizes what they really want.

For fashion-concious ladies that want to live their lives in colour.

Full titanium frames are at the heart of the Reykjavik Eyes range. Each of the sleek models comes in three colours that combine a sophisticated palette with hints of vibrant hues, all inspired by the landscape of Iceland.

Manufactured in Italy by specialist craftsmen, every aspect of a Black Label frame is made to the highest standard. Every detail has been carefully considered allowing the wearer to express themselves without compromising on technicality.

Kaleos reinvents the concept of contemporary glasses, combining design, fashion and luxury.

Fashion, innovation and quality are the values that inspire and guide Kaleos.

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