First and foremost, we are a people business. There is no better feeling for us than a new patient coming to us who has maybe had a bad experience with a pair of glasses from a multiple or from an online company and they’ve come to us to give them something that works and we get them a great pair of glasses. Something that just works for them. The look on someone’s face when they’ve had a bit of a nightmare and we’ve helped to make their life easier, it’s great. Genuinely rewarding. Then we have the often years long relationships that have been built with people over the years. We definitely think of a lot of our patients as friends.

We’re people and we care whether you’re getting what you expect from your test and your glasses and we’ll do our best to to sort it if you don’t get it first time.

You can see the frames we sell here: We buy them all ourselves so we get things in that we like and believe in. We know they are good quality and we make sure to buy from companies that take pride in their design and quality. In some cases, we know the people who own the company and the people that design the frames! We buy in London and Paris and keep up to date as the new ranges are launched so you can be sure you’re getting a frame that is as new and fashionable as can be!

So, we’re not the cheapest. We can’t do 2 for 1 or glasses for 6 quid a pair, but we can get to know you and we can look after your eyes for years and put them behind a really good pair of glasses.

If you’ve been a bit adrift and wondering where to go for a test or a pair of specs and this has swayed you, pop by and see Mark or Sam or the soon to be returning Jane and we’ll get started!